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The Valley Gal Card is a loyalty program,

What is the Valley Gal Card

The Valley Gal Card is a loyalty program, providing members the ability to live like a VIP every day. This exclusive program is the first of its kind in Arizona, rewarding Valley Gals with elite perks, exclusive experiences and VIP status throughout town. For a small annual membership fee, Valley Gal’s will use their black card to take advantage of the Valley’s  hottest spots including  restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, salons and boutiques plus fantastic and convenient services that are sure to make any day dazzle.

What You Get with Valley Gal

Perks, exclusive offers and VIP treatment at Valley Gal approved places throughout town. For example…
Restaurants: complimentary dishes, discounted dining, chef meet-and-greets, priority reservations and more.
Nightlife: VIP access, discounted tabs and more.
Boutiques: personal shopping/styling assistance, seasonal sneak peaks and invitations to private shopping, special sales and more.
Spas: discounted services, priority appointments, health and beauty samples and more.
Don't forget theatre and concert tickets, gym memberships, cooking and art classes, yoga studios and much more.

How to get the Valley Gal Card

The Valley Gal program is a yearly membership.
For just $20 down, plus $7/month for 12 months, you can own this exclusive little card to unlock the most elite opportunities the Valley has to offer. Or, you may purchase the card upfront for a full year for the discounted rate of $75 (a $22 savings.)
Once you purchase the card and become a member, we will ship you your very own Valley Gal Card…so you can live like a VIP everyday.
Buy Yours Here Valley Gal Inc**Valley Gal Card offers only apply to the cardholder, unless otherwise noted by the venue or merchant. Although sharing is caring, lending your Valley Gal Card to a friend is not permitted and will result in deactivation. You must have a valid ID to use your Valley Gal Card. For more info, please see our rules and regulations.

Become a Valley Gal

Valley Gal, Inc. is the lifestyle mecca for women of the Valley. We know women, we know the Valley and we know all things that dazzle. It’s hard managing a family, home and career. So, we offer conveniences and fun so you can live your life in style. Whether you’re looking for family activities, home amenities or a little luxurious pampering, the exclusive Valley Gal Card offers elite perks and VIP status all through town.

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